Prepper Cave

If you’ve been around the internet for a while, you are almost certain to have heard of “PREPPERS” !

In case you’re unfamiliar, preppers (sometimes called “survivalists”) are people who believe the feces will hit the fan – any day now ; that civilization will suddenly crumble, and we will return to “law of the frontier” : a nightmare place in which only the well-prepared will survive – in caves or other hideaways stocked with food , guns, more guns, guns to protect those guns, and cases of ammunition stacked ceiling high.

Preppers tend to be extremely -and vocally anti-government in outlook —-although they have no problem with letting assorted welfare agencies feed and clothe their children.

(They can’t be expected to prepare AND support a family !)

I’ve had online discussions with them – not necessarily of a friendly nature – and finally decided to honor them with a little song.


Did you bring toilet paper
To your little Prepper Cave ?
All that shiny ammunition
Will not be the thing you crave
If the feces hits the Fan
Little man !

I see you’ve got three rifles
5 pistols and a bow;
Half a dozen shotguns
And some suriken to throw.
If the feces hits the fan
Little man !

I’m sure you’re gonna love it
In your little Prepper cave :
Six thousand cans of chili –
Will decorate your grave
If the feces hits the fan
Little man !!

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