Leaking Secrets a REALLY Bad Idea !!

There are some who just can’t resist “leaking” top secret information to the media….usually to some “friendly” reporter.

In doing so, they seem blissfully unaware the information they just gave to their “good buddy” will be published for all the world to see ; and unaware that the media will do almost anything for a story that will generate interest and/or excitement–because interest and excitement generate advertising revenues -and because advertising revenues trump mere patriotic loyalty any day.

Here is a story of one such leak-and what became of the now-admitted leaker.


By way of back story, the Associated Press was livid with rage when the government-with court approval-subpoenaed the telephone records of its reporters, and turned up the name of a retired FBI agent, now working as a bomb expert on a contract basis.

Some other names have turned up, and other “leakers” have entered guilty pleas to disclosures in other cases.

Bottom Line: If you have taken an oath to preserve the secrecy of what you are doing, or of what is going on around you , it does NOT make you some sort of hero or “whistleblower” to betray that oath.

Footnote: I know of nothing in the Constitution that would justify the deliberate commission of espionage , and/or the promotion of sedition by a commercial news reporting agency.

To paraphrase an old saying : The Constitution was never intended to be a national suicide note.


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