Counting Coup on the President

When the Cheyenne rode our western plains, it was considered a great honor to “count coup” upon an enemy : to touch him with a  decorated-but-harmless “coup stick”-thus injuring the opponent’s reputation as a warrior, before injuring his body .

Injuring a President’s body is definitely frowned upon , and there are well-armed, dedicated Secret Service personnel  to discourage such efforts – so the name of the game is to injure a President’s reputation.

This modern-era version of counting coup is done by reviling anything whatsoever related to the President, the Administration, former  members of Administration , government agencies controlled-no matter how remotely-by the Administration, family members , etc., etc. ad nauseam.

This is to be expected. Politics is – when you think about it – a contact sport : a bone-jarring clash of ideas by rival teams – with the Electorate standing in for  a fan club —and cheering their team on.

Sometimes, the game spills over and begins to involve the National Interest in adverse ways.

Today, for example, the highest ranking Iranian officials and clerics are voicing cautious optimism over  an invitation by President Obama to open discussions aimed at ending the  “Twilight War” ( to borrow  the title of  Marine Colonel David Crist’s report on the 30 year secret conflict between our two countries.)

Many of the  “Coup Counters”  want no part of anything that might remove one of the  issues they have been using for decades as a recruiting and fund-raising tool; and, judging by the wording found here , some are livid with rage.

People like this do not care if their intemperate language destroys a possibility of peace (though they claim to cherish it ).

They want thoughtful diplomacy to fail –so they can say : ” We told you so !” , and pick up their coup sticks again.

By the way : I strongly recommend ” The Twilight War” , by David Crist . It is available in hardcover or Kindle formats.

Let’s hope peace talks with Iran come to a satisfactory conclusion !

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