“Good Cop – Bad Cop ” On International Scale !

I very much appreciate John Schindler’s well-reasoned blogs, but differ with him (respectfully , of course) on appraisal of our government’s handling of the Syria WMD problem.

Professor Schindler thinks President Obama punted to the Russians, when he should have carried the ball ; and, as a result, we have “lost face” internationally.


I think it is a very good thing if Syria keeps believing this is the case , and to this end, we owe the Professor-and the usual  commentators a debt of thanks for helping the two Presidents – Obama and Putin – to carry out a very successful game of ” Good Cop/Bad Cop”.

The Good/Bad ruse is sometimes used with recalcitrant suspects. One cop pretends to be in the grip of uncontrollable rage, and makes it plain he just wants to beat the suspect to death and get it over with.

At this point, The “Good Cop” intervenes: dragging the angry partner away to cool off. He then tells the suspect he can only protect him for a few seconds more-so, for God’s sake give him what he wants !

The USA-loaded for bear, and close enough to unload missiles and airstrikes on Syria played “Bad Cop”.

Russia,which sent in a sacrificial cluster of ships , got to play ” Good Cop”.

The Assad regime-quite possibly in dire need of fresh underwear at this point,decided to identify and surrender its rather nasty inventory of poisons,and to cooperate with the UN.

Net cost in Russian, American, and Syrian lives —0.

Well played,Mr. President ! (You too, Mr. Putin.)

This just in : UN Security Council draft agreed upon.



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