Syrian Crisis Winding Down : Trotskyists Alarmed !

The United States and Russia engaged in a game of “Good Cop/Bad Cop ” on an international level recently : thereby persuading Syria – in the throes of a civil war- to give up its impressive arsenal of poison gases and other nasty materials – and to submit to UN supervision – immediately.

The members of the “International Committee of the 4th International “- an organization that is very fond of brutal left wing leaders (and which is an eager supporter of Syrian leader Assad)-are not at all happy about this development:

They plan to hold protest meetings all over the world (several here in the USA) because-in their view, the US/Russian diplomacy has only postponed the US plan to attack Syria.

“What plan is that ?”, you ask .

Who are you to ask, ignorant lout ??

Just be there—and send money !!!

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