Embassy in Danger !!

On October 23,1983,an Iranian Hezbollah suicide bomber drove a truck crammed with high explosives into a 4 story barracks building in Beirut, then touched off an explosion that killed 220 Marines,18 Sailors, and 3 Soldiers.

At almost the same time, another suicide bomber attacked the French peacekeepers’ barracks : killing 58 French soldiers,and wounding dozens more.

In just over two weeks, it will be the 30th anniversary of this unprovoked outrage, and it is extremely disturbing to learn Israeli authorities have arrested Ali Mansouri (alias Alex Mans) a naturalized Belgian of Iranian origin, who has admitted to being a low-level member of the Pasdaran,better known as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps -Al Qods Force for short.

Mansouri, who had set up various “front” operations in Europe, had become a frequent visitor to Israel (thereby attracting attention), and, after surveillance showed him examining and photographing “sensitive locations” in Israel – especially the US Embassy – he was taken into custody.

Right now, Iran appears to be in conflict: the so-called Moderate faction-led by President Rouhani is under constant fire from the “Hardliners”: men such as General Qassem Soleimani, head of Pasdaran, and the Ayatollahs and government ministers who support him.

The Hardliners revere the late Ayatollah Khomeni, and ask publicly if the government’s policies would have met his approval; and there has been occasional public mention by them of the 12th Imam -whose appearance would signal End Times.

It does not require a giant leap of imagination to speculate that forces like this would feel almost duty-bound to launch a major attack on US interests – at some vulnerable point, such as an embassy, and, for this reason, I believe our embassies are in enormous danger.

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