Iranian Threat – Follow up

The recent approaches to negotiation with the US are subject – very much so- to the real (religious) leadership.

The following was noted on Will Fulton’s Iran-tracking site:

Kayhan, viewed as an unofficial organ of the Office of the Supreme Leader, published an article claiming that, during a Sunday meeting with the National Security and Foreign Policy (NSFP) Parliamentary Commission, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, “Rouhani’s conversation with Obama and my lengthy meeting with John Kerry were improper.”

MPs who attended the meeting and the Foreign Ministry denied that these statements were ever uttered: •NSFP member MP Ahmad Reza Dastgheib: “Mr. Zarif provided explanations as to why the travel had many positive points but naturally some parts of the trip were criticized and mentioned by the Supreme Leader. It is necessary for us to not look at this trip absolutely optimistically and consider it a national victory nor to have an extremist outlook and view it coldly and negatively so as to affect its achievements. Therefore, the media must pay close attention to this matter because the Supreme Leader’s advice is for positive points noted as well as criticisms.”

•“Mr. Zarif also announced his obedience to the Supreme Leader’s commands in the National Security Commission meeting and gave an oath that he would hold future negotiations with the least amount of error, with the help of representatives, and by considering the Supreme Leader’s advice, God willing.”

It is pretty clear the politicians are not only “not-in-charge” , but in abject fear of the religious leader !

A comprehensive and continuing look at Iran may be seen at Will Fulton’s home site :

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