Russian Official Peddling Pig Poop !

Gennady Onischenko , the Russian Federation’s Chief Sanitary Inspector and Consumer Watchdog probably missed the boat when African Swine Fever (ASF) swept through neighboring Georgia in 2007-despite a UN warning , and widespread reports of the devastation caused to Georgia’s hog population by this intensely infective,extremely lethal viral disease.

The UN’s FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) warned Russia and neighboring countries quite explicitly, saying , in part :
“The incursion of ASF is of great concern for Georgia and its neighbouring countries,” Slingenbergh said.

“Delayed detection of the virus has resulted in a long danger period where the disease has been unrecognized and the virus could have moved to neighbouring countries. Armenia, Azerbaidjan and the Russian Federation should be on high alert,” he added. 

It is probable that the virus has entered Georgia through imported frozen or processed pig meat. In the past, in some countries swill feeding, in particular swill originating from aircraft and ships, has been incriminated as a major source of infection.”

This was in June, 2007.

Five years later, in July of 2012 , African Swine Fever was discovered in Russia , and, by August, Russia was forced to start destroying thousands of swine. The infection was still raging in August,2012, when it was reported:

“Russian authorities have incinerated tens of thousands of pigs and closed roads in the past few weeks, in an attempt to contain an emerging outbreak of African swine fever, a viral disease so lethal to the animals that it has been likened to Ebola. The spread of the disease comes with a heavy economic toll — last year, the Russian Federation lost 300,000 of the country’s 19 million pigs to swine fever, at an estimated cost of about 7.6 billion roubles (US$240 million).

African swine fever was also detected for the first time in Ukraine in late July, and European and Asian countries are on the alert to deal with outbreaks that could cost their pork industries billions of dollars. With no vaccine or cure for the disease, mass culls and vigilant hygiene offer the main defence.”

In August of 2012 , the Richard G. Lugar Center for Public Health Research was opened in Georgia.

At the time it was opened, the ASF epidemic had been raging in Russia for several weeks-in all probability for months before it was finally admitted.(Small producers, knowing their livestock will be quarantined and destroyed, are understandably reluctant to admit the existence of infections.)

The Lugar Center is staffed with personnel from Georgia, Europe, Asia, and the US : the US contingent being Army officers from Ft. Detrick, MD – the primary center in the US for the study of infectious agents, and the development of treatment modalities.

Enter Gennady Onischenko:

WASHINGTON, October 14 (RIA Novosti) – A US-funded laboratory in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, accused by a prominent Russian official Monday of developing biological weapons, has been repeatedly touted by US officials as a key tool in guarding the region against dangerous infectious diseases.

“This laboratory has the potential to become a regional center for disease surveillance, research, as well as biosafety and security,” US Sen. Richard Lugar said in a speech last year at the christening of the laboratory that bears his name in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, several months before he retired from the Senate.

The laboratory, formally known as the Richard G. Lugar Center for Public Health Research, became the target of a renewed attack by Russian authorities Monday when Gennady Onishchenko, head of the state consumer rights watchdog Rospotrebnadzor, expressed “extreme concern” about the lab.

“According to our assessments, this laboratory constitutes an important offensive link in the US military-biological capability,” Onishchenko was quoted by Russian media as saying, adding that compounds developed at the facility could be secretly employed to destabilize the political and economic situation in Russia.”

Onischenko has actually claimed the outbreak was a deliberate Biowarfare attack, according to Russia’s Ria Novostoi :

“Onishchenko said last year that an outbreak of African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) in southern Russia was the result of “economic subversion” by Georgia

Swine fever outbreaks can seriously impair the animal breeding industry because the disease can neither be treated nor prevented by vaccination, and Onishchenko suggested in July that the virus had likely come to Russia from the US-funded laboratory in Georgia.”

Onischenko is readily dismissed as a self-serving apparatchik , trying to cover his pathetic butt ( A lab which had not been completed or staffed  yet could hardly have infected pigs in  Russia without the use of a Time Machine)—but the credulous,vacuous, and the vicious are all over this story, and are publishing conspiratorial spin-offs of their own.

They are-like Gennady Onischenko – up to their knees in pig poop.

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