Iranian Death Sentence : Let’s Try Again !!

Convicted of running a meth lab, an Iranian suspect was sentenced to death-and hanged-for 12 minutes.

This didn’t quite kill him, so-on due reflection, the Iranian court has decided to try again.

( A death penalty is- after all-a death penalty !)


There’s a bit more today ( 10/21/13) :

A man who survived a botched hanging has fallen into a coma, and is expected to die.

The prisoner, identified only as Alireza M., 37, was pronounced dead earlier this month by the attending doctor after hanging for 12 minutes from a noose suspended from a crane at a jail in northeastern Iran.

But the next day, staff at the mortuary in the city of Bojnourd where his shrouded body was taken discovered he was still breathing.

Two ruling Ayatollahs – on appeal- had decided not to hang him again : opting to leave his final punishment to  Higher Authority.

(It would seem their ruling is being upheld.)

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