Gay Couples Rushing To Altar in NJ (!!)

The Beautiful People seem quite excited over this; the rest of us : probably not as much.

Me ?

I wonder just how many gay couples will be heading to the altar : knowing in my heart of hearts, the whole thing will be presented as an overwhelming landslide; and realizing on reflection I just don’t give a damn – one way or the other.

If memory serves-when the Beautiful People decide something-(no matter how silly)  is  ” a GOOD THING”, the rest of us are expected to shout ” Amen !”—or to shut the heck up-lest we be judged homophobic, racist,and unevolved.

Hmmm… Wonder how much celebration there will be when some of  those gay couples start heading to divorce court , and questions of custody, property, and spousal support arise  ?

Quick follow-up : News reports made much of Gay couples rushing to “tie the knot” .

Let’s see: out of a population of 8,864,590 (2012 figures) , there were at least 7 or 8 couples the first day –and, so far, the excitement has been controllable !

There was at least one good thing : Governor Christie decided it would be pretty wasteful to continue opposing Gay marriage in the courts, and he has directed the State’s suit be ended.

This-as might be expected- annoyed the self-appointed moralists, and delighted the Lambda Foundation, which has been sponsoring Gay-friendly court actions.

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