“Beirut Remembrance Day” – No Incidents , Thank God !

I sometimes wear my old Marine Corps utility cap ( “cover” in Corps-speak) when I go out; and,a week ago, when I went to vote (special election) one of the poll watchers greeted me as a brother Marine.

I told him I had been lucky enough to serve “between wars” – and he told me he had served in the 1980’s —and had been at Beirut barracks, when an Hezbollah fanatic drove a truck loaded with explosives through the gates, and exploded it: killing 220 Marines,18 Sailors,and 3 Soldiers. He himself was injured-but-as luck would have it, only slightly.

The date was October 23, 1983—just 30 years ago ; and, given the capture of an Iranian fanatic – spotted “casing” the US Embassy in Israel- by the Israelis about a month ago, I was worried one of our Embassies would be attacked to “celebrate” this painful anniversary .

I marked the day by wearing my “Marine green cover” when I went out–and by keeping my fingers crossed .

So far, thank God-no serious incidents !!

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