Snowden : A Wound That Keeps Bleeding

Yet another nation – previously on reasonably good terms with the USA – has its back up over published Edward Snowden disclosures about NSA surveillance.

We’ve heard from Mexico and much of Latin America, France, Spain, and now it’s Germany’s turn.

Every one of these nations understands privately that communications surveillance is a necessary evil (in which most of them have engaged for generations) ; but Snowden and his handlers made sure the release of his stolen information would cause maximum damage by releasing it to a sensation-hunting , America-hating journalist named Glenn Greenwald.

Glenn lives abroad because the US hasn’t gotten around to recognizing same sex matrimony – or so he said, in a rather fatuous “OUT” interview .

It would seem more likely to me he has taken up residence in Rio De Janiero, Brazil because he has found a billionaire sponsor there, who has expressed willingness to set Greenwald up with his very own Media outlet.

(Gee !  I wonder if that Sponsor has anything to do with the Russian/ Brazilian military equipment deals ? )

No government can be expected to remain silent when sensational stories about ” American Spying” dominate the Media, and give opposition leaders something to use as ammunition.

One might well ask : ” Who benefits from attacks on US world standing ? “

Hmmmm…Who is showing appreciation of Snowden by giving him comfortable refuge ?

Well,now : Here’s an interesting update !

The RT Network (Russia’s Disinformation Exporter) is claiming the NSA network was brought down for over 5 hours by “hacker” group Anonymous – which used a “denial of service” attack. (Barrage of net traffic that won’t stop, and overwhelms the servers.)

NSA says: No. We were doing regular maintainance chores and there was a code error-which we have fixed-thank you for your concern.

I’m sure the Anti-USA /Anti-NSA crowd will be all over this, like flies on ……nitrogenous waste product : celebrating their “great victory” !

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