Iranians Hang 16 “Rebels” in Reprisal for Ambush

Rebels-reportedly based in Pakistan-crossed the border into Iran and ambushed an Iranian Border Patrol: killing 14 men – then returned to Pakistan.

This took place near the city of Saravan, in SE Pakistan : a location in which persons hostile to the Iranian regime live ; and, reportedly,an area in which smuggling occurs.

Within hours of the ambush, Iranian authorities hanged 16 “rebels” – some of whom – reading between the lines-had been in custody of some sort since 2009 ; and it is difficult to escape the conclusion they were being held -not for offenses-but as hostages.

Hanging is not a pleasant way to go – but the Iranians have added certain touches to make it worse: the condemned have noose tied around their necks -which is pulled taut by a forklift.No “merciful” neck breakage- just slow ,helpless strangulation.

AP story is here:


Follow-up Report : (This from Iranian News outlet Press TV)

Pakistan probing Iran border killings: Pak charge d’affaires

Iran Press TV

Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:33PM GMT

Pakistan’s charge d’affaires in Iran says Islamabad is investigating the recent deadly attack on Iranian border guards from Pakistani soil.

Sohail Siddiqui confirmed on Thursday that the Iranian administration has briefed Pakistan on the details of the attack and urged Islamabad to carry out an investigation into the incident.

On October 25, 17 Iranian border guards lost their lives and six others were wounded in a shooting assault in the border region of Saravan in Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan.

The incident prompted the Iranian interior and foreign ministries to launch a joint investigation into the incident.

The Pakistani charge d’affaires further stated that it is difficult to safeguard the long border line between Iran and Pakistan.

Tehran and Islamabad have signed a security agreement to protect the common border and cooperate with each other in this regard, said the Pakistani diplomat.

He added that if it is proven that the assailants are on Pakistani soil, Islamabad will arrest and deliver them to Iran under that agreement.

Siddiqui also said some parties seek to harm friendly ties between Iran and Pakistan, stressing that the two neighboring nations should prevent such a thing from happening.

In February, Iran and Pakistan signed a security agreement under which both countries are required to cooperate in preventing and combating organized crime, fighting terrorism and countering

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