“Urgent Fury” – 30 Years Later

30 years ago, 7000 US Marines, Airborne Soldiers, Navy SEALS, and Special Forces swooped down on the tiny island of Grenada to oust the Cuban military that had taken root there, and to rescue 600 US students who had been trapped there by events.

US President Ronald Reagan had previously expressed dismay over a military – grade 10,000 foot runway being constructed on the island by the Cuban military-for the use of the Cubans and the the Soviets-with the apparent approval of Marxist President Maurice Bishop—to no avail.

On October 19, 1983, Maurice Bishop – who had made the “error” of calling for elections-was executed, together with 3 Cabinet members, and 4 other major politicians – on the orders of Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard, head of the ultra-radical Pro-Cuban faction.

6 days later, President Reagan sent in the US troops-plus a few hundred members of Caribbean security forces.

The Cubans , who were there in some force, put up a stiff resistance, but were quickly overcome…to the obvious joy of the citizenry.

600 US students – who had been held virtual captives by the escalating Communist activities-were rescued, and loaded safely aboard helicopters . They were almost ecstatic in their delight.

One person in particular: Stephen Zunes , a professor of politics and international studies at the University of San Francisco was quite unhappy over this small defeat of Communism in our hemisphere, and wasted no time saying so.

It seems worth noting Zunes has opposed any number of US activities in the past, and continues to oppose the US – and Israel to this day – while remaining silent to outrages from abroad.


Sources: “Leatherneck , Magazine of the Marines”  and :



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