Russia: Don’t Look at US When We Are Spying !!

Look at the Americans !

Excerpted from ” The Verge” ( and being published in many  other respectable media outlets as we speak…)

“Russia is no stranger to surveillance — earlier this month, it was reported that the country was putting together “PRISM on steroids” for the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics. Now, the country’s in the middle of a scandal surrounding September’s G20 Summit in St. Petersburg.

According to a report from the LA Times, visiting world leaders at the G20 summit were sent home with USB flash drives and phone recharging cables designed to spy on cell phone and computer communications. The reports first surfaced in two Italian newspapers, La Stampa and Il Corriere della Sera; both papers reportedly attributed their stories to “technical investigations ordered by the president of the European Council and carried out by German intelligence.”

I might add, an increasing number of people suspect the whole “Wikileaks” setup – with its theft of highly confidential State Dept. documents by a  US soldier, and its massive theft of NSA secrets by contractor employee Edward Snowden-were part of a Russian SVR operation: launched, in part to shake confidence in any alliances with America; and in part to shoulder US arms manufacturers out of the way so Russia could win the very lucrative arms contracts both nations have been competing for.

(As an interesting aside, the Russian competition for arms sales has produced a steady drumbeat of “Progressive” and Green Party claims that the USA conducts foreign policy for the purpose of selling arms , and fattening the “military/industrial complex”; and that the USA is primarily responsible for the spread of arms in the world.)

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