Bernhard Goetz In the News Again

In 1984, Berhard Goetz drew national attention when he shot 4 teenagers he believed were trying to rob him, as he rode the subway.

He had been robbed before , and had received no legal satisfaction, so he did what many NYC victims do : he bought a gun through ” extra-legal channels”.

This is what he was ultimately convicted of : illegal possession of a gun—and he served less than 9 months of actual confinement.

(There was a generalized feeling amongst repeatedly victimized New Yorkers, he had, in fact, performed a salutary community service – a feeling that enraged the Black community—some  parts of which tended to agree…)

Fast forward to 2013, and we have the same Bernhard Goetz making a deal to sell a bag of marijuana for $30, and (These are still allegations) going to his apartment to get the bag so he can complete the deal–but unfortunately for him ,he was dealing with an undercover police officer.

Oops !

Mr.Goetz has been released on his own recognizance , pending further court appearances.

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