Venezuela-Unable to Pay Bills-Expropriates US Rigs

The Venezuelan (Bolivarian) government ran up over $ 9 million in unpaid invoices for the use of two American-owned hydraulic snubbing units, so , in July,Superior Oil Services – owner of the million dollar rigs-suspended services.

The freedom-loving Bolivarians responded by “expropriating” both rigs.

Non-payment for services , topped off by grand theft, oil rigs.

That’s the approved Marxist way of resolving differences !

Sources and further details:


UPDATE: It appears the government does not have enough money to fund the “free medical care” promised to all citizens in the Bolivarian constitution –and those most in need are paying the price.

From what I’ve read, part of the problem is lowered oil prices – which have a substantial effect on the Republic’s income-but more might be due that nation’s  funding of “outreach programs” ; eg: the FARC guerillas still troubling nearby Colombia; the purchase -not just of weapons-but of factories in which to make them : in quantities that suggest they are being supplied to like-minded “outreach groups”.

That sort of thing will knock a helluva dent in a medical budget !


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