“Operation Snowdencrap ” -Revelations Continue

If there was ever much doubt the Edward Snowden relationship with the NSA was that of an agent (most likely of Russia) penetrating a top-secret intelligence target, consider this:

Snowden reportedly obtained the passwords of 20-25 NSA employees – saying he needed them to do his work as a contractor- then used those passwords to download highly-classified material–which he stole, and hightailed out of Hawaii with.

His supporters claim he did that “to protect us” .


Guess that’s why he made it available to the people who had financed and prepared Luxury-Class lodgings for him.

The Guardian, right ?

Hardly ! The Guardian hasn’t got a pot to pee in-or a window to throw it out of.

Who does that leave us with ?

Could the nice Russians sheltering him now have had other-than “warm and fuzzy” motives ??

Wow ! That’s a real puzzler !

Sources and further details here: http://news.yahoo.com/exclusive-snowden-persuaded-other-nsa-workers-passwords-sources-030552654.html

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