Toyota Unveils Hydrogen – Powered Car !

What was once “science fiction” is gradually becoming reality , as progress catches up to our imaginations.

One area in which we can almost watch that happen is automotive design.

Toyota is about to introduce a “concept car” – intended to be generally available in about 2 years : the Toyota FCV Concept.

It has an electric motor , but- instead of heavy, bulky batteries , this vehicle generates its own electricity from Hydrogen fuel cells.

In a fuel cell, Hydrogen oxidizes as it is combined with Oxygen : producing electricity, and leaving water vapor behind as its sole exhaust.

The result is a car that is clean and quiet.

It does require a tank of hydrogen for fuel. The safe storage of hydrogen in ceramic tanks was mastered decades ago in Europe – where hydrogen fueled buses have been running . Very similar fuel tanks are already in use here – but use Natural Gas instead of Hydrogen as a fleet fuel.

We will, nonetheless need a “Hydrogen infrastructure” , so tomorrow’s motorist can pull up to a gas station for a refill ; but the changeover might be less onerous than we think ; as many stations now have liquid Propane available for campers and barbecue enthusiasts.

So: don’t be too surprised when commercials for the new “Unameit Hydro-Electric” start appearing on your cell phone screens !

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