Anonymous ? Jeremy Hammond Not So Much—Now !

Jeremy Hammond, a self-described “hacktivist” , who considers himself aligned with the Occupy Wall Street movement, wants us to know he believes in “hacktivism” as a form of civil disobedience; and “sometimes laws must be broken to make room for change.”

This was not quite what he told his supporters in a chat room -back when he was riding high. He said he “hoped to cause financial mayhem. I’m hoping for bankruptcy, collapse. ”

Why ? Because he was angry some of the assorted “Occupy” people got arrested for their “quiet riot”.

So, as his conviction notes, he attacked law enforcement agencies and government contractors – including an information service called Stratfor : causing losses estimated to have been at least a million dollars – possibly as high as 2.5 million.

Civic spirited lad that he is, he also accessed the credit cards of Stratfor members , and used them to run up $ 700,000. in charges——which he claims were all used for charitable donations.

He admitted all this to the Judge – and-just to put her in a good frame of mind , revealed the names of other countries he had launched cyber-attacks upon – after she had specifically ordered him not to.

He will now have ten years to reflect upon the limits of civil disobedience.

Sources and further details :


ps: Jeremy: It’s only in Hollywood that the “Good Hackers” ( Gackers ?) rescue their imprisoned comrade with the use of computer technology nobody really understands-which is probably why it hasn’t been invented yet.

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