2013 Dealey Plaza

I was at a Kennedy Health Systems facility as a patient on Saturday-the 22nd of November : 50th anniversary of the murder of John F. Kennedy at Dealey Plaza- Austin,TX.

I got a bit emotional when the flags were lowered to Half-Mast in his honor.

He was the first Person I ever voted for —-and,on this day of all days, I heard another patient, gabbing on his cell phone about he he could hardly wait till “they get rid of that other bastard”.

I spent a restless night—-and wrote this poem the following morning.


2013 Dealey Plaza


The Harpies of the shore

Cry , “No ! No – Nevermore !

We do not want your soaring Eagles here !


All the flags are raised and lowered ;

They flutter at Half-Mast again

To remind those who remember

Of the days of rage and sorrow;

Of the hopelessness so many felt back then.


But-life goes on, and tempers cool:

All too soon The Harpies know they need not hide.

Another Eagle is in their sights;

Another Mortal wounds their rotten pride,


Another Dealey Plaza waits-

Another Grassy Knoll

A suitable fanatic

With cold murder in his soul.


Once again, we’ll raise the flags

And lower to “Half-Mast”-

We’ll dream of how bold Eagles soared

And pray that time’s not past     !

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