Klitschko: “I fear for the next few days”

The situation in the Ukraine looks very threatening – make-believe truce or not.

John Schindler posts an overdue wakeup call !

This followup is dated 2/18/14 :  28 people have been killed in violent clashes in the city of Kiev !



Dr. Schindler was right again : The Russian hand in all this has become evident.


The XX Committee

As the long-festering political situation in Ukraine deteriorates, with something like an open rebellion taking hold in the Western part of the country, amid rumors that martial law may be declared imminently, the government in Kyiv announced today that beleaguered President Yanukovych is meeting with three opposition leaders, including the well-known boxer Vitaly Klitschko of UDAR. Klitschko has published a brief op-ed in the German tabloid BILD, which nicely encapsulates his position. Titled “I fear for the next few days,” it follows:

I fear for what imminently faces us in the course of the coming hours and weeks in Ukraine.

Through his stonewalling tactics and bogus negotiations, ruler Yanukovych has strengthened those wishing to react by resorting to violence on the streets. He alone would therefore be to blame for any renewed bloodshed.

These are his disreputable tactics: He invites us in order to gain time. Now he is promising to…

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