Stephen Kim, formerly employed as a contract Analyst by the CIA,pled guilty to stealing a highly classified CIA analysis, and giving it to Fox News Reporter James Rosen.

Rosen could have been charged, and was placed under surveillance- allowing the government to obtain search warrants, and solidify its case against Kim (and outraging the nation’s Media-which apparently believes Freedom of the Press includes the right to seek out and publish highly classified information for commercial benefit).

Kim, who has denied being a “whistle blower”, has admitted under oath he knew his disclosures might harm the interests of the United States. He  is to be sentenced in April,and may have considerable time to review the wisdom of his disclosure.


Personally, I think James Rosen-and his editors-and, perhaps-his publishers should also have been charged under the Espionage statutes-but I am old and cantankerous, and, according to many-completely out-of-touch with Where It’s At.

VERY possible !!!









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