Snowden Scammed Co-Worker Passwords

The “great, heroic whistle-blower” Edward Snowden had (as surmised) a bit of help from colleagues in Hawaii–but, as reported now,they were conned into using their passwords to give him access to materials he was not entitled to see.

One sucker in particular – now facing long term unemployment – was gulled into using his password on Snowden’s computer: apparently not realizing Snowden had set it up to capture passwords he tricked others into using.–sector.html

Snowden looks more and more like a Russian spy as material becomes public.

(But  wait ! As the old TV commercials used to say. There’s MORE !!)

The contractor who vetted Snowden to handle and be exposed to Top Secret data seems to have been “out to lunch” the day that particular application was processed . How may other “Snowdens” have slipped into the system ???



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