Violent Protests Continuing In Venezuela

Young Venezuelans-unhappy with an inflation rate of 56.2% -(highest in world),rampant crime,shortages of essential consumer goods,and a government quickly running out of hard money to pay for what it needs-have taken to the streets, where they are clashing with government security forces,

Some have died; dozens have been seriously injured, and dozens more have been “detained” in the regime’s prisons.

Nicholas Maduro- who was elected by a paper-thin majority to replace the late Hugo Chavez-has inherited the mess Chavez left behind,and has added his own foulups.

His reponse to the protests – other than turning para-military security forces loose on his own people-has been to charge opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez (head of the Popular Will party) with conspiracy and murder, and to have a warrant issued for his arrest.

Murder ? Oh: security forces killed some protesters last week; so, by convoluted dictatorial logic, the opposition leader must be charged with their murders.

Sources and further details here:


This just in: Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has turned himself in to National Guard troops, per CNN report 02/18/14.

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