Oh-Oh ! Cheese-Eating Socialist Surrender Monkeys On Rampage !!!

US Conservatives are delighted to see “peace-loving” Socialist France take a strong stand in places like Mali (That’s in Africa, Homer Simpson !),and start replacing the USA as “World Policeman” .

US Socialists mutter -but unconvincingly-about one of their shining lights of Socialism (not quite up there with Chavez, to be sure)-being willing to get down and dirty, and sell zillions of weapons, and wage actual bang-bang shooting war against Fundamentalist Foulups.

Coaxed to speak, some will try to blame their “Go To” Villain : the US “military/industrial complex”——which some also hold responsible for the loss of car keys,arrogant teenagers,and unexpected pregnancies.

Moving right along, here’s more – from CNN:


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