Ukraine Proves: “It’s Good To Be The King !”

I couldn’t help but think of the famous Mel Brooks (History of the World) comedy line when I read what the Ukranian people discovered after they broke into the palatial estate of their just-deposed-and-hastily-departed President, Viktor Yanukovych  :

“an opulent shrine to gluttony and consumerism-filled with golden toilets (allegedly),a full-sized Spanish Galleon,and a huge collection of exotic automobiles.”

The author of that statement, whose entire article may be seen here :

describes the rarest,most costly cars from Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz,and Chevrolet; large numbers of “Eastern Bloc” limousines, and tons of collectible motorcycles.

Yanukovych was not available for comment : having departed rather suddenly for a long-overdue vacation in the Crimean.

Russia, which had counted on having him around a while longer, has been growling about “mutiny”, and blaming everything -as nearly as I can figure out- on the US and its accursed Military/Industrial Complex, and/or American Corporate-ism —-something the  cognoscenti of the Left Fringe of the American Left have been moaning about for years.

The politics involved here are almost textbook illustrative of what can go wrong with a “parliamentary” system; ie: small factions, by dint of horse-trading and deal-making,can promote themselves into positions they were never nominated for-and certainly never elected to.

The best description I’ve seen of Ukranian politics notes they are typical “Post-Soviet” :weak,fractured,highly personal,and ideologically vacuous.

I think we need to add “Geo-Centric” to that description : a small, vocal group of retired Russian civil servants settled in the southern/eastern portions of the Ukraine.They are Russian-speaking, and want the Ukraine to continue as a Russian colony—AND they know how to maneuver into positions of power—-AND the size of their pensions makes it imperative to them the Ukraine remain a 3rd World economy, where a ruble will still buy a lot.

In short,they would like to live like kings; for, as Mel Brooks remarked: ” It’s good to be the King .”

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