A Ukranian Citizen Speaks Frankly

I ran across this person’s statement on a message board, and asked (and received) his permission to quote it -as written.

The poster,a Ukranian national –now living in that nation – goes by the Pen name “Ender 8419” -and, as far as I’m concerned, that’s as close to his ID as we should attempt to get -considering the situation in his strife-torn homeland !

With no further ado, I present Ender 8419.


What is really going on in Ukraine

I just made an account here just to post this. Usually I`m far from politics but today I can`t stay aside.

I live in Ukraine and life there became tough. Economic system is broken and all funds i have i should keep to buy some food supplies. Ukraine is just in one step to a civil war. I don`t know what your media says but our is overloaded with information and propaganda.

I`ll give you guys some information as a citizen and direct observer. I know it may be boring to read this, but i hopes you are not apathetic to what is going on in our world. I will try to be as short as possible but it is hard because things is complex.

Also i will try to be as objective as possible. It might be a interesting story to you, i was thinking that Game of Thrones is a super saga, but now i have something more epic right in front of my eyes. That`s makes me sad.

1. Ukraine is historically multinational country. There are about 100 nations living there, but main population is Russians and Ukrainians. And this two nations are really close genetically and historically like two brothers. I am personally half-russian and half-ukrainian. I was born on eastern side but now i live in western Ukraine. Also Ukraine and Russia have deep links and connections in economics and heavy industry as a legacy of USSR.

2. Ukraine is divided to 25 administrative regions, like states in USA. And those regions are tends to have certain beliefs. But of course beliefs are not strict and may vary from man to man:
– Western regions is tends to be a part of Europe. This part of Ukraine has no big industry objects, main income is from turism. Also there is strong far right moods, deep nationalism, racism etc. Not everyone of course have such views but much more than other regions. There are mixed population consist of ukrainians, poland people, jews and less russians.
– East and South have pro-Russian moods and feelings. All coal mines and most heavy plants are placed there. Mostly russians lives here and ukrainians too. About 75% have relatives in Russia.
– Center regions has kind of mixed moods. Also there are some industry constructions.

Also i should tell you a few words about how our economy works. Every region generate some money, then money goes to our capital – Kiev, and then government decides how divide money between regions. Eastern regions generates much more money because of heavy industry and people there must works in mines and plants. Western regions is turistic and usually they gets more money than they can generate. Also work there is easier in average.

3. I was born in USSR and since it was broken and Ukraine gain independence we have very corrupted government all the time. Whoever gets power starts to steal everything they can. Thats why Ukraine have great potential and resources but still a very poor country. Last few years we have goverment from East regions. When i have to vote for parliament or president i vote not for a good one but for a smaller evil. But nevertheless those few years was fine i can`t see any objective reasons for mass riots. Except one – west regions hate east ones and especially because of main party in parliament and president.

4. How all this happens
– We have not great but legal president and government. They are was accepted by Europe and USA as legal. Obama shaked Yanukovich`s hand and congratulated him.
– Once up on the time government decide to think about Association with European Union. Many people says hooray! We will join EU and will be able to go to Europe easily to get some jobs, also our salaries will grows 10 times, we all became rich and happy. Well, i believe nobody really reads this Assosiation document because it is not join with EU but something different. And there no reasons to salaries grows or simplification of boundaries crossing. Up to this document Europe has no any responsibilities but Ukraine has a lot. Also it will kill our internal food market (because of complex European standarts) and industry. People in eastern regions thinks that Ukraine must increase connection with Russia, it is easier and gives us real profits because of industry links.
– Suddenly president says like Nah we won`t sign it right now, have to think about. That was a great surprise for many of us especially in western and central regions. They are already was prepared to be europeans. Also it was a surprise for EU and USA as far as i understand. For sure there are grand geopolitics involved. If Ukraine join EU in any possible way it will affect and weaken Russia a bit.
– After that we had Maydan (sounds like My+Dun, means town square, it from the name of main square in Kiev – Square of Independence). What Maydan is? A lot of people came to main square of the capital to demand to sign assosiation with EU. Some of them comes by true believes and hopes of better life, some was affected
by tons of propaganda, some was from Right Sector.
– Right Sector is group of far right organizations, they proclaim nationalizm, clearness of ukrainian race, ultra patriotism etc. Their leaders fought in Chechnya wars on the terrorists side against Russia, also they honor some ukrainian people and organisations who was on Nazi side during WW2. Mostly Right Sector is young strong guys who has some combat training and skills. Also right in our parliament we have Svoboda (Freedom) party which is nor formally in Right Sector but absolutly share their beliefs. Thats how far all goes. Of course Right Sector hates russians, poland, jews and everyone also except ukrainian nationalists.
– Also we have opposition who want to change government with helps of Maydan and Right Sector.
– Ok so what’s happens next. For about 2 months Maydan was less or more peaceful. But president instead of signing unprofitable association with EU signed nice profitable aggrement with Russia. And there was BOOM. Maydan under massive propaganda and ruled by active and dare Right Sector members inside became very dangerous. They start a real riot, and trying to assault administrative buildings in Kiev.
– Government called special forces to defend buildings and order. This forces called Berkut (i believe it is like Golden Eagle in English). Those forces has just metal shields and clubs but no firearms. About few weeks Berkut holds positions. But Maydan became unstable, they throw big stones and molotov cocktails to the police. It was really scary and shocking those guys from Berkut was burned alive you can find videos in youtube if you can but watch without children please. Few days they hold position with just shields and clubs, they are was not allowed to use guns by government.
– Of course oppositions propaganda called them traitors of nation and people. My opinion that they are just do their duty and hold chaos.
– And of course somebody start shooting. I don’t know who it was fisrt. Maydan says it was Berkut. Berkut says it was Maydan. Berkut had to save their lives and start to shoot back to only armed people. Those armed guys from Right Sector was mixed with others like teenagers, women and just ordinary men.
– All this time government was under the pressure. At the end president says ok lets make new government, but Maydan should give up all guns and leave all captured buildings. Opposition say ok. Also this agreement was signed by Poland, Germany and France representatives.
– But i think it was a bad plan for Right Sector and they start escalate conflict with Berkut. Opposition is not really controls Maydan. In this chaos about 87 mans died from Maydan side and about 30 of Berkut. Dead people from Maydan was proclaimed as heroes and called Sky Hundred, Berkut was ashamed and Damned. I believe mass media in western world share this position.
– After that city come to chaos. Maydan occupied Rada (Main government building), Berkut was called back, President ran away with his securities. Everyone who shares Maydan believes celebrated a victory.
– Next. New “government” was formed, many positions was occupied by Right Sector. Even some in a Ukrainian Security Service. Also was proclaimed a temporary president. Obviously he is not legal, because we still have old coward one. In Ukraine we have procedure to fire presidents. This procedure needs to be done in Constitutional Court but it was disembodied by new government.
– Banned Berkut retreat to Crimea peninsula (like a half-island). Crimea became a heart of resistance to new government. Also about 80% of population there russians and one of the city there is base for Russian Marine Fleat of Black Sea.
– Now Russia come in play. Before that it was busy with Olympics games, but of course keep an eyes on Ukraine. Many thinks that Russia wants to join Crimea because it is really valuable piece of land. Maybe it is true, but I think Russia will not, it is hard and will cause many problems. Also in 1994 Ukraine became not-nuclear country and Russia, USA and Great Britain sign agreement which said that they are guarantee integrity of Ukraine in case of external threat.
– First of all Russia gives political support for those regions who resist new government. Now Russia proclaims that it will be forced to use military forces in case of violence in South and East regions of Ukraine to defend russian population there (which is about 80%). Because this regions don`t want to accept new pro-nazi government.
– Now we have total mobilization of Ukrainian Army, because new government scared of Russia. But Russia will not bring any troops if South and East will be able to decide their own future. And of course nobody wants to fight because we are brothers. But Army commanders have to accept orders, also some of them shares
oppositions believes. But Right Sector trying to provoke violence in East cities, they have automatic weapons captured in police departments during chaos and anarchy. They came on the buses and trying to provoke locals by demonstrations, assault of buildings and ruins memorials of WW2. Locals have no weapons to resist them in arms. Also this can be accepted as riots and cause a reason to use Ukrainian Army at the East.
– Right Sector also asked for a help of Islamic terrorists on their social media page. They are fought with them against Russia. But now they said that someone is steal their password and all if this is provocation.
– Also one of the leader of new government says that Ukraine can became a nuclear country again if Russia will not stop intervention. This is technically absurd but there is something to think about.
– Main problem is that Right Sector is armed, half-legal and not controlled by anyone. And if government decide to get rid if them, who will do this? Berkut is fired and ashamed. It can be a Ukrainian Army or Russian. Also people who lives in south and eastern regions have other opinion. They wait for Russian Army like for saviors from Right Sector Nazi terror. Which is more that real treat.

5. What is next? I don’t know. Nothing good obviously. In best scenario we will have economic collapse in worst economic collapse and war. Who is guilty? I don’t know, maybe western government and secret services who makes our country a stage of geopolitical game. Maybe we are Ukrainians guilty case we was stupid and hateful to each other. But Russia now have to deal with it and solve our problems.

Thanks to those of you who read to the end. And sorry for my bad English.

Thank YOU for sharing this with the world !!

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