Crimean Parliament Wants To Become Russian !

Simferopol, Ukraine (BBC, Reuters,Guardian) The Crimean Parliament met in a special session this morning (03/06/2014) and – by nearly unanimous vote – gave the Ukrainian government a vote of “no confidence”,and agreed to send a resolution to the Russian government-asking them to start proceedings to accept Crimea as a subject Member of The Russian Federation.

The resolution also calls for a Crimea-wide referendum to be held on March 16,2014, for the purpose of approving of or objecting to the Parliament’s actions.

All Crimean State property would be nationalized : becoming property of the Federation, and the Russian Ruble would become the official currency of Crimea.

The announcement was greeted with anger in Ukraine : a government official pointing out the national Constitution prohibits any alteration of national boundaries without a NATIONWIDE vote. (Pro or Anti Russian sentiment varies in different parts of Ukraine: the Crimean area being heavily Pro-Russian ; the Eastern sections being markedly Anti-Russian.)

News of the proposal was greeted very cautiously in Moscow . The value of the Moscow Market declined sharply, as did the value of the Russian Ruble.

Further source material here:


Henry Kissinger (Love him or hate him- he’s not known for being stupid !) has written an opinion for the Washington Post .

It most certainly seems worth reading !!


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