Reluctant Cold War Posting

The Cold War- between the USA and Russia – long proclaimed by savants (especially The Beautiful People !) to be : not just “over” – but “O-vair, silly !” has turned out to be far from over.

That pot of nasty-sitting on the back of the stove-never really cooled down.

We (including the last 2 or 3 Presidents) just lept to the conclusion dissolution of the Soviet Union would end the conflict : permitting us to spend budgeted military funds on other things : bike paths for The Beautiful People, government funded medical care, more freebies for the people who do our menial work… Like that.

Then, like a bolt from the blue, along came the Ukraine crisis, which pits the US and Russia against each other : the Russians taking advantage of our restraint to send Spetsnaz forces into Crimea, disarm the Ukrainian armed forces and police agencies, sow minefields between Crimea and Ukraine, and continue an armed invasion .

Checking that little pot on the back of the stove (for the first time in years -it being considered paranoid to even remember it), we found the rascal was pretty near white-hot.

Oh…….that little pot of nothing ! (OUCH !)

Meanwhile, some of The Beautiful People : the ones who wanted us throw away those old Cold War pots and pans, and get evolved– ‘n stuff, man ! Yeah —them  !! I don’t know how else to put this -being an old geezer with a long memory- but the ones I’m thinking of have been feeding us a steady diet of Russian propaganda for years.

So, I kick myself in the butt (mentally, of course. I’m not all that spry these days.), and ask myself if there is anything else that stands out about them, and it’s the way they use the English language.

Every so often, they’ll use word combinations that make me say: ” Ah-hah ! ESL !!” (that’s English as a second language). Then, while, I’m humming and hemming over that one,there will be a combination of English phrases that says “Russophone” – whixh is a fancy way of saying the “first language” is Russian.

Then I wonder again: where in hell am I going with this ?

People, whose first language is Russian, lecturing us in English in an effort to get us to endorse a Russian point of view.

Whoa !  Are there Russian SVR (intelligence agency) agents-of-influence among us ; and are they sowing disinformation to weaken our world standing ?

If so, what the hell should we do about it ??

(Yes, I know: they, and the Beautiful People who unwittingly support them, think we should sign ourselves into the nearest psychiatric facility–or at least begin a regimen of psychotropic drugs.)





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