9/11 Plotter Gay ??? Says Who ????

The release last year (2013) of Al Qaeda recruiter/organizer/paymaster/ trainer Mohammed Haydar Zammar from Syrian custody  (as part of a prisoner exchange) led-again-to wild-sounding rumors about the Syrian-born jihadist’s sexuality.

It has been rumored he was one of the leaders of the Islamist “Hamburg Cell” -and that he used “sexual blackmail” to recruit and motivate Mohammed Atta, and other members of the 9/11 “Planes Operation”.

Supposedly,young men from Saudi Arabia, etc. – who had been separated long periods of time from those they loved, were “casually and naturally seduced” by Zammar and other senior Cell members–then shown videos, photos, and other evidence of the seductions.

The penalties for such sexual conduct are severe : a painful death, after months-sometimes years of public humiliation of their families.

Going on a “suicide mission” would -they were told-wipe away their sins, and restore them to respect in the eyes of God and man-so they would pass painlessly into the joys of Paradise. Their communities-and their families would learn only of their courage and steadfastness in the face of doom.

Let me say at this point-one always wants to “speak evil” of the Foe , and (make no mistake about it !) it would be tempting to simply pass such a tale along without seeking verification.

If it is merely vile rumor, was its source other prisoners freed during the Prisoner Exchange ? Might they be seeking revenge for some custodial time quarrel (?) or would the tale be based on years of enforced close observation ??

I have done an exhaustive search of available sources, and can find absolutely nothing to corroborate the rumors Mohammed Haydar Zammar is so strongly homosexual, he was able to act as a “Gay Predator”.

Lord only knows how such rumors get started !

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