Blood For Oil ? “Sure !”,says Vlad Putin

The world shudders at the edge of a third World war, as Russian special forces -claiming to be self-defense militias-engulf Crimea and invade Ukraine.

Predictably, our homegrown “Coalition of the Fatuous” begins whining : ” No blood for oil !”–intending that injunction to apply to the USA and the European Union.

A hard-hitting article in The Independent points out Russian President has been planning this very aggressive (and costly : an estimated  71.3 billion dollars ) operation for at least six years—for the benefit of  GAZPROM – an oil, gas, and minerals exploitation firm, in which he owns considerable personal monetary interest.

By annexing all lands adjoining the Black Sea, Russia will gain control of all offshore oil,gas,and mineral rights, and GAZPROM will be able to control the exploration and exploitation of anything discovered.

As a tidy “bonus” GAZPROM will be able to save almost 20 billion dollars by running the new South stream gas pipeline overland-through  Crimea and South Ukraine–instead of being forced to route it under the Black Sea.

Additional details here :


Could this convenience lead to a little ” blood for oil” ??

Not much – by Russian standards !


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