Ukraine: “We should expect invasion”

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The XX Committee

News from Ukraine today grows increasingly dire as Russian forces dismantle the Ukrainian Navy in Crimea and Kremlin-stoked tensions are now spreading deep into Eastern and Southern Ukraine. How Ukraine would fare in the event of an all-out Russian onslaught, and how likely that invasion might be, are important questions that do not get sufficient informed attention in the Western media. Most accounts you will find about the condition of Ukraine’s military note that it’s long been underfunded and doesn’t have much of a chance in a stand-up fight against Russia.

But what do actual experts think? The Ukrainian news website Tyzhden recently ran a long interview with retired General Mykola Melnyk that’s filled with insights and wisdom about what’s really going on in Ukraine now, militarily speaking. Melnyk’s credentials are impeccable. Although he retired nearly a decade ago, he was one of the founders of independent Ukraine’s military after…

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