Rising Russian Intelligence Activity in Hungary

Hungary and here, methinks !

The XX Committee

Hungary is an important state in the Ukraine crisis, albeit one whose role is little understood outside Central and Eastern Europe. Budapest shares a (small) border with Ukraine, while Kyiv has an (also small) Hungarian minority in the far west of the country, in the hilly and forested region known as Transcarpathia – Kárpátalja to the Hungarians. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his ruling right-wing Fidesz party, which just won another four-year mandate, maintain an active interest in their co-nationals who are living outside Hungary, and Budapest has expressed concerns about the potential impact of Ukraine’s crisis, and rising violence, on Hungarians in Transcarpathia.

Although Hungary is a member of both the EU and NATO, since 2004 and 1999 respectively, it plays an ambivalent role currently, as Fidesz, a Euroskeptic, national-conservative party, has displayed certain admiration for Putinism, with which it has some ideological affinity. Moreover, Orbán’s government, which has…

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