Biology 101 and Putin’s Russia

You’re probably looking at the title and saying : “WHAT ???

Sorry, but it gets worse from here on in !

The thing is, I’ve been watching Russia put the snag on Crimea –and  other valuable areas of Ukraine–and reading the comments of Pro-Russian and Anti-Russian people who actually live and work there; plus the comments of news agencies, intelligence specialists , and just about anybody who has anything reasonably sane to add.

It has been reminding me of something-and I just realized what : Biology 101.

In Biology 101, we studied a fascinating little creature : The Amoeba.

The Amoeba is a tiny one-celled animal , that doesn’t even have a body form – unless you can call a constantly-changing droplet of protoplasm a form- but it is one of the most predacious creatures in the Animal Kingdom – Lions and Tigers notwithstanding.

The way it hunts is reminiscent of the way Russia acquires new territory—-or reclaims the old.

When the Amoeba detects a tasty   little protozoan, this “shapeless blob” suddenly extends part of its body wall in a “pseudopod” -which looks like a little leg with attached foot.

The pseudopod reaches past the prey, then suddenly swings in behind it -in a sort of leg lock maneuver….until the prey is surrounded——at which point, the “solid” walls of the Amoeba turn into corrosive digestive fluid, and the prey becomes din-din.

What happens next is probably the way the Amoeba gets its prey to hold still long enough for a quick “hook-up”.

There is always a fragment or so of prey that is inedible. The Amoeba packs these little fragments into a waste vacuole–which is a sort of bubble. The vacuole moves to the outer shell, and the solid to liquid thing happens again : expelling this waste : an act which attracts other hungry little protozoans, rotifers,algae, and bacteria : all creatures that thrive on waste.

The Amoeba, in other words, uses “economic gain” (at a single cell level) to attract and distract  prey.

Pseudopod Extension : Does anyone remember the miles and miles long convoy of military trucks -wearing Moscow-area license plates, and filled with soldiers in faked (pseudo?) uniforms ?  Remember the way this “military pseudopod” encircled Crimea —then filtered in-with the help of Pro-Russians already there ??

Economic Gain : The Pro-Russian groups inside Crimea –and Ukraine– have been promoting “re-union” with Russia as a way to gain economically – as compared to the picky, choosey, and somewhat aloof European Union-which might take much longer to become profitable.

The Russian Amoeba is still moving – even though it looks motionless. Eastern Ukraine is already encircled from without : its defenses corroded from within by the Pro-Russian minority.

What is happening is not an accident : it is the cool, carefully-planned acquisition of territories the Russian Amoeba wants to have lunch in : coal and mineral wealth in Eastern Ukraine; Oil-rich sands along the Black Sea, better control of energy sources by Gazprom : an energy  giant in which Russian President Putin owns considerable stock.

What we are seeing is not only “Biology 101” – but – History-101 in the making.

Vladimir Putin is re-creating the former Soviet Union – one “Union” at a time.

Sad to say, I think it will come as a shocking surprise to our Millennial heirs – who have been led down the path to extinction by the advocates of The Beautiful People.


Followup: After publication, there was a series of enraged responses (to the effect the USA must be worse-worse-worse !) from a follower of the Trotskyite 4th International. Based on this, and a lengthy prior series of “Pro-Putin” declarations and arguments, two things occurred to me:

1. Putin is planning to reconstruct the old Soviet Union ;

2. The Trotskyites hope they will be the ones in charge this time .


(All they need to do is figure out some way of seizing power —–minus the pickaxe in the brain  old Trotsky got from his buddy Stalin.)




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