KGB General: Of Course Snowden is Working for Russian Intelligence

The XX Committee

As the Snowden Operation devolves into farce, with the inevitable falling-out between Wikileaks and the Greenwald axis happening online for the world to see, it seems that Edward Snowden isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. What contact, if any, he had with foreign intelligence services before he fled Hawaii for Hong Kong and then Russia, where he remains, is an important question that cannot be answered yet with publicly available information. Indeed, it make take years, perhaps decades for a reliable answer to emerge, given the nature of the espionage business. However, nobody familiar with spy games, particularly when Russians are involved, has any doubt the Ed is working for the Russians now. After all, what choice does he really have?

As if to deflect attention from this obvious truth, today President Vladimir Putin publicly denied that Ed is their guy: he “is not our agent, and gave up no secrets.”…

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One thought on “KGB General: Of Course Snowden is Working for Russian Intelligence

  1. Old KGB agent, 80 years old, probably a master of misinformation, spied for Russia then turned his back on them and came here to retire after spying on us for years? But we cannot welcome Snowden back with a pardon or clemency?

    Doubt this is true, just one old guy, who “may” have some contacts but has “no” direct knowledge of what he is saying.

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