When did Snowden go over to the Russians?

Exactly the sort of post I’ve been hoping for !

The XX Committee

In three weeks, Edward Snowden will celebrate having lived one year in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Everybody familiar with espionage, particularly when it involves Russians, understands that Ed lives under the watchful eye care of Russian intelligence, as he has from the moment he set foot in Moscow. He is working for them now, indeed he really has no choice. They provide his lawyer, his watchers, and they control his movements and actions. How this works was recently explained by the retired KGB general who made his legendary name recruiting and running American traitors just like Ed.

Naturally, Ed’s defenders, as well as people uninformed about intelligence – there’s a good deal of overlap between those two groups – ask for “evidence” that Ed is working for the Russians. To ask the question indicates a deep misunderstanding, perhaps willful, of how the espionage game is played, particularly by Chekists. Vladimir Putin’s…

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