XX Committee Bows Out For Now

Dr. John Schindler of the XX Files -whom I have re-blogged here many times, has decided to shut down for a while.

I’ll quote him here:

Signing Out (for now)

by 20committee

For the last year, almost to the day, since Edward Snowden showed up in Moscow, I’ve been a very public voice on this contested issue. I’d like to think I’ve fought the good fight. This, however, has gotten me an extraordinary amount of grief in the form of nearly non-stop online harassment and stalking from a whole cast of characters. It’s been pretty nasty at times.

I’ve dealt with it as best I know how, despite that fact that I’ve had a lot of stress in my life over the last year, but things have now taken an ugly, indeed sordid turn. The attacks are now not just against me, but against my family, to include my children, who are minors. They deserve none of this. This fills me with disgust and it’s time to take a break.

I’ll be back but I need to take a break now. I’m deleting my Twitter to put a brake on the worst of the harassment, but the blog will be here and I’ll be updating it, per usual.  Read and enjoy.

Interacting with you has been worth all the crap. If you wish to stay in touch, email me here.

Otherwise I’ll see ya soon … thanks for the memories.



This is a sad day !

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