Islamic State in Iraq Steals WMD Components

I’m not quite sure how they accomplished this, since we have been told – over and over and over- no WMDs or WMD components existed in Iraq “when Arch-Criminal Bush launched his blood for oil campaign against that fine country”.

That’s not an exact quotation. It’s more of a distillation of thousands of online posts.

Well: it seems there’s bad news and there’s good news.

The Bad News is there really and truly were WMD components in Iraq.

More Bad News  is that Uranium, Thorium, and chemical weapons and materials have been stolen from Iraq (no doubt by persons with limited access to online discussion boards) Islamic State terrorists, who have been over-running parts of Iraq, and who are trying to set up a Sunni Muslim state.

The Good News is: The ISI terrorists “probably” won’t be able to do much with what they have stolen……..probably.

Extra ! Read all about it !!

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