A Nation Writhes In Self-Inflicted Torment

Very recently, a young black man was shot to death by police on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri -under circumstances not fully revealed.

Before his body had cooled, the streets were ablaze with angry protestors – acting on “word in the street”, and years of inchoate rage.

At the same time, the white populace (with some notable exceptions) began a veritable orgy of recriminations against Society in general, and Police in particular: whipping itself into near-masochistic frenzy –and howling down anyone who dared suggest the young man had brought his death upon himself.

A small “coalition” of reasonable people -who suggested  we take the precaution of examining the actual evidence before rushing to judgment-was shoved aside by a tiny coalition of actual racists, whose shouted attacks on the victim made the evidence itself suspect.

Bit by bit, a flickering candle of Truth is beginning to emerge-but-given the mind set of the assorted factions, it is doubtful it will make anyone happy : least of all, the sensation craving Media.

Altogether, a disgusting state of affairs as we blunder through this 21st Century.

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