On Espionage Denial

Perfect follow-up to previous post !!

Yes: I do remember the days when Alger Hiss – a top GRU/KGB asset-was being treated as a poor, misunderstood martyr of the (Neo-fascist) Right; and the sudden silence when Russia’s own records revealed his role all-too-clearly.
The usual academic-style response was : ” So what ? The Cold War is over now. (Snark-snark !)

The XX Committee

Yesterday I reported the allegation that top U.S. diplomat and NATO Deputy Secretary General Sandy Vershbow is an agent of influence of Russian intelligence. This explosive charge was leveled by Russian businessman and parliamentarian Konstantin Borovoy, a normally rather sober fellow. Any such allegation, particularly when it comes from anywhere near Russia, must be evaluated as a possible smear, what Russian intelligence calls disinformation.

The Kremlin, through its special services, excels at what it terms Active Measures, and slandering Western politicians and officials whom Russian officialdom dislikes has long been part of that. And Putin and his siloviki indeed have reason to dislike Vershbow, who got on their bad side back in 2003, when he was U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, when he publicly pointed out that ties between Russian intelligence and Iraqi partners were decidedly cozy

So kompromat of a nasty sort may be at play here. That…

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