America and the Drive-By Strategy

Always worth a look—and a second look !!

The XX Committee

America’s war in Afghanistan, the longest in the Republic’s history, has just officially ended in what even charitable analysts would term something less than success, and the less optimistic would see as rumblings before strategic defeat. American troops will remain in Afghanistan, as trainers and support cadres for the modestly competent Afghan security forces, not as combat troops, though one has to wonder if our snake-eaters and bayonet-carriers will be needed again someday, just as in Iraq now, where more than three years after America’s official withdrawal from that civil war, our troops are back and in harm’s way, trying to stem the tide of the fanatical Islamic State. Thousands of young lives ended, tens of thousands more lives ruined — and I’m only talking about Americans — to say nothing of the trillions of dollars spent since late 2001 in U.S. efforts to transform key parts of the…

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