After Paris: German Police “Powerless” Against Extremists

I suspect this might be the case here, too !
We have legions of “infatuates” who worry about ” Islamophobia”, and other “phobias” – despite our worries being based on real world experience.
Where in hell did these folks get the idea the extremists are eager to join us in singing ” Kumbiya” around the campfire, and are merely trying to pick out an appropriate singing key ??
(Sigh !)

The XX Committee

As France begins to confront their crisis in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, not least the painful reality that there is no security or intelligence-based “fix” to what is in fact a huge political problem, the rest of Europe has been asking awkward questions about how big a problem they face too.

Germany is a major player here, with marches by the anti-Islamist activists of PEGIDA, intemperately denounced by Chancellor Angela Merkel despite their peaceful character, having seen their numbers rise after the Paris horror. I’ve previously written about how serious a problem with Islamist violence and extremism Germany confronts, and the gravity of the situation is now being realized by the public.

The extent of Germany’s challenge is made clear in a Top Secret report by the Federal Police (BKA)* whose details are revealed in a report in today’s BILD, the country’s top tabloid, which…

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