Bosnia’s Jihad Comes to America

Interesting , but not entirely compelling.
Bad seed abound-in all cultures, but I suspect the reality of life here tends to stifle their growth on our soil.

The XX Committee

The Department of Justice has released an indictment against six Bosnian immigrants for material support to terrorism, including fund-raising for the Islamic State in Syria. Specifically, DoJ alleges that the six sent money plus military uniforms, tactical gear, firearms accessories, rifle scopes and more to jihadists in Syria. Each charge carries penalties ranging up to fifteen years imprisonment on each count or fines up to $250,000.

The accused ring leader is Ramiz “Siki” Hodžić, who with his wife Sedina coordinated the collection and dispatch of funds and military gear abroad. Helpers included Armin Harčević, Nihad Rosić, Mediha Salkičević, and Jasminka Ramić, all Bosnian immigrants. The Hodžić family and Harčević reside in St. Louis, while Salkičević and Ramić live in the Chicago area, and Rosić lives in Utica, New York.

Using primitive codes, they coordinated their illegal activities via the customary online platforms, especially Facebook and PayPal, while they sent military…

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